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Arizona Entertainment Law

At Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., we take show business just as seriously as we take every other type of business. Our experienced Arizona entertainment law lawyers will apply their business expertise to managing everything from your personal brand to contract negotiations and disputes to copyright infringement.

Playing by the rules

Entertainment law is an amalgam of several more traditional legal practices, including contract law, labor law, securities law, and intellectual property. As such, local regulations and international laws, in addition to federal and state law, all play a role in governing entertainment law and entertainers. Additionally, many entertainers must abide by the rules of professional organizations, unions, or sports clubs.

  • Federal law. Federal law governs most copyright and trademark law. Some federal labor law regulations affect entertainers, as do federal securities and immigration laws.
  • State law. Arizona law governs most contracts negotiated and signed in Arizona, usually unless the contract itself specifies the laws of a different state. Additionally, Arizona’s employment law, insurance law, and interpretation of issues like the right to privacy all affect entertainers.
  • Other laws. Local regulations may influence whether and where you can shoot a film, and at what times. International law—primarily private international law—speaks to overseas copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Professional association, union, and league rules. For many entertainers, rules and guidelines set by organizations such as Actors’ Equity, the Screen Actors Guild, the Writers Guild, or the American Federation of Musicians influence contract negotiations. Professional athletes are frequently members of players unions, but still bound by the rules of their sports club or league.

Whatever your specific situation, an Arizona entertainment law attorney at Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. knows which rules and laws apply to you and how they all interact. We are prepared to represent your interests at the negotiating table as well as in court.

Finding the best entertainment law attorneys in Arizona

If you are in the market for an Arizona entertainment law lawyer, look no further. Seasoned business attorneys in Phoenix at Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. are waiting to help you negotiate your next contract or prevail in a copyright dispute. Our business firm in Phoenix will protect your interests in contract negotiations and employment disputes as well as your ownership rights in intellectual property and your image.

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