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Phoenix Business Lawyers Manage All Levels of Litigation

Helping businesses throughout Arizona resolve conflicts cost-effectively

When it comes to business litigation in Phoenix, the attorneys at Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., are vigilant advocates on behalf of their clients. Litigation is stressful. Our business law attorneys in Phoenix strive for a quick and beneficial resolution, working tirelessly with you throughout the entire legal process. However, since every attorney at our law firm has hands-on experience dealing with Phoenix, Arizona and federal courtroom procedures, we will not sacrifice your best interest because we are fearful of going to court. Our law firm consistently produces successful results for our clients, changing a business dispute into a business opportunity.

Our role as arbitrators and mediators

Not all business litigation matters need go to court. Some can be successfully settled out of court through alternative dispute resolution, which includes arbitration or mediation. The attorneys at Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. are experienced and skilled in this area of practice.

In arbitration and mediation proceedings, attorneys from our firm act as the neutral third party to your business dispute. Arbitration is a mini trial, where the arbitrator acts as judge. In binding arbitration, parties agree to accept the ruling no matter what; in nonbinding arbitration, parties reserve the right to take the matter to trial if they are unsatisfied with the outcome. In mediation, a mediator guides negotiations until parties arrive at a settlement or decide to take that matter to court.

The benefits of alternative dispute resolution are many. The process is:

  • Confidential with private, rather than public, filings and proceedings
  • Less expensive
  • Less time-consuming

In mediation, the parties control the outcome and the results can be unique, accommodating their particular circumstances. Our Phoenix litigation law firm has represented small and large businesses and financial institutions in alternative dispute resolutions.

Experienced representation at all stages of business litigation

When your case must go to court, our Phoenix business attorneys can represent your business in:

  • State and federal trial court
  • State and federal courts of appeals
  • Multi-party litigation — a lawsuit in which many individuals are represented in one case
  • Small claims court — civil court where disputes are heard for smaller damage amounts

No matter what stage of litigation you find yourself, our attorneys are ready to assert your rights and fight for a fair resolution.

Contact a Phoenix law firm capable of managing your business litigation

Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., PC takes a practical approach to business litigation. By identifying your goals and pursuing them with the appropriate litigation strategy, we are able to control costs and resolve disputes in a timely manner. To schedule a consultation with a litigation professional, call our Phoenix firm today at 602-265-7997 or contact us online.