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Knowledgeable Attorneys Help You Start and Grow Your Small Business in the Phoenix Area

Practical advice specifically tailored to your unique circumstances

Any small business owner in the Phoenix area must contend with a number of legal matters related to business formation, including agreements, transactions, disputes and the creation of corporate entities. There are often laws, restrictions and obscure codes that most Phoenix small business owners are unaware of; legal restrictions that could derail their success if not addressed. At Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., our attorneys take the time to explain the legal requirements and warn of potential pitfalls. Drawing on our experience as attorneys, business people and business owners, we are able to discern the most favorable structure for your new business, such as an LLC, a partnership or an S corporation.

Skilled legal help for Phoenix small business owners

Your legal needs do not end when you open the doors of your business. Many of our clients rely on us for ongoing legal advice to avoid conflicts that could result in litigation brought by shareholders, customers and employees. The types of controversies we manage for Phoenix small businesses include:

  • Contracts and transactions — We negotiate, review and draft contracts that allow our clients to conduct business efficiently and profitably.
  • Partnership disputes and dissolutions  — If you are engaged in a partnership dispute or your partner wishes to end your business relationship, we can assist you with a legal dissolution.
  • Litigation — We help resolve commercial disputes through traditional negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and court litigation.
  • Franchising  — We represent entrepreneurs who wish to open a franchise and owners who want to grow their company by franchising the business.
  • Employee relations — Our lawyers draft and review employment contracts and non-compete agreements, and help businesses develop protocols to stay in compliance with state and federal employment regulations.
  • Lease and personal guaranty — We help our small business clients obtain the real estate and heavy equipment they need to conduct operations, while protecting their personal assets.
  • International business law — We protect the interests of small businesses in Phoenix as they grow by engaging foreign trade partners.

Getting sound legal help eases the day-to-day worries that beset even the most successful small businesses. At Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., we understand the challenges of running a small business — many of our business attorneys were small business owners prior to joining our legal firm.

Contact the Phoenix law firm that understands your small business concerns

At the law firm of Donald W. Hudspeth,  PC, our business attorneys guide small business owners through the complicated — and often tricky — legal problems related to the formation and growth of their enterprise. For practical and legal advice based on our knowledge and experience in business law, call 602-265-7997 or contact our Phoenix office online.