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Phoenix Business Law Firm

 Experienced Business Attorneys

Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., located North of Park Central Mall in Phoenix, provides quality legal counsel for owner-operated businesses with a personal touch. Our firm’s attorneys translate complex legal proceedings into layman’s terms so you can focus on what matters most: your business. Whether you are opening a coffeehouse in Phoenix or starting an Internet business sensation, our law firm is here to strengthen and protect your legal rights. Our clients receive the experience and wisdom of large law firms with one major difference; at the Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. , our attentive business attorneys treat your case as their top priority.

We Focus on Business Law

When looking for legal help in establishing and running your business, you want a Phoenix business attorney with knowledge of the law and a background in business. That is what we offer our clients at the Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona. At the Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. , our attorneys practice business law and nothing but business law. Our entire law firm is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest industry developments. If there is a change in business law in Phoenix, the greater state of Arizona, or even our neighboring states, our firm will find it. In fact, new business developments usually hit our office up to a year or more before such ideas go “mainstream.” Our law firm concentrates on the following areas of business law:

An Experienced Business Law Firm in Phoenix

Our law firm does not function like a typical law office because we are not typical attorneys; many of us chose the legal profession as a second, or in some cases third, career. At Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. our experience is different so our perspective is different too. Our firm understands the intrinsic structure of businesses and refers to real world knowledge to resolve your legal issues.

Attorneys Who Think Like Business Owners

When approaching your case, our firm analyzes what must be done to answer both your legal and business problems. When working on contracts and transactions, our lawyers actively look for details or a deal that you may have missed. Legal documents are never incomplete —protecting your business against the liabilities a loophole may open. At the law offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, our attorneys clearly outline the structure of your case and walk you through your entire transaction from start to finish. No shortcuts. Our law firm is committed to achieving positive results.

Business Lawyers with a Worldwide Reach

Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C. is located in midtown Phoenix, Arizona. Our attorneys work with business owners throughout Arizona on their legal needs. Our firm’s practice extends to other states such as California, New York (City), Michigan, Florida, Oregon and Washington. In addition, we are in at least 15 countries, including Canada, Israel, Iceland, Sweden, China, Australia, Korea, Mexico, Ukraine and Uganda for contracts, corporations and LLCs.

If you need talented business lawyers, contact us at 602-265-7997 or toll free at 866-696-2033 or complete our web form.