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Stage I: Free Case Intake and Evaluation Process

Our Free Case Intake and Evaluation entails a case screening (usually consisting of multiple conversations) with Tom Gadd, our Intake Paralegal of more than 15 years, with input and feedback to Tom from one or more of the firm’s business law attorneys who practice in that particular area of law. Our objective is to provide case analysis, options and recommendations in the first meeting (as opposed to you spending your first meeting looking at the top of our head while we read documents and write down your intake information). Here’s what we do:

  1. Take your call, any time, around the clock.
  2. Determine if you have a business law matter that we can handle.
  3. Get from you and assemble the pertinent “Documents.”
  4. Draft an Intake Memo to our legal team about your case.
  5. Discuss your case briefly with one or more attorneys in the firm.
  6. More often than not there are several back and forth conversations or emails between you and Tom and the attorneys as we seek information about your case.
  7. Often we will research current case law, pertinent public documents or information about the parties, business or property Online.
  8. All of this work and feedback about your case and the firm, including work done by Tom and our Attorneys with Tom, is Free.
  1. Tom will then get back to you with the attorneys’ initial impressions, estimated time line and cost of work, as well as other pertinent information. (You do not waste your time coming in for an appointment only to find out it’s too expensive.)

Stage II: The $395 Consultation

If, after this initial Case Intake and Evaluation Process with Tom or one of our Case Intake professionals, you decide to move forward and meet with one of our attorneys, we will schedule an initial “Case Work Up” meeting. In preparation for that meeting we will review in advance and in detail the Intake Memo, the pertinent documents1 and your questions. It is OK for you to prepare and send your questions in advance. We will also review pertinent case law, firm library materials and similar cases we have handled. (Although we have practiced in this area for many years and Mr. Hudspeth has taught Business Law in the Barrett Honors College of the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU, it is still the rare case where we think we can competently evaluate and give legal advice “off the cuff” and without advance preparation.) Because of our advance preparation in the Case Work Up meeting you will receive follow up questions, advice, options, pros and cons, and recommendations. Perhaps more than anything else our clients appreciate the options and recommendations. Most clients leave the firm with a solid understanding of their position, options and plan of action. Even though it typically takes 1 to 3 hours to prepare, and another 1 to 1.5 hours, to attend the initial Case Work Up meeting, in most cases the cost to the client is the Flat Fee of $395.00. (If it is not $395 we will let you know in advance). And, as explained below, we have a money back guarantee.

1 In some rare cases, e.g. a lease or franchise documents, the great number of pages and amount of work beforehand requires a higher fee. (We outline the documents by hand.) Again, if so we will advise you of this fact in advance.

Stage III: No Risk Guarantee

The sole reason for the Consultation Fee is to avoid providing valuable time and advice (which is what we sell) for nothing. Most business owners immediately understand this point. If you need further work and hire the firm to do it, often we will credit back and apply the Flat Fee cost of the Case Work Up meeting to the future work. Or, if for any reason you believe you have not received fair value for your money in the Initial Consultation we will refund your money.

We do not receive complaints, but do receive much praise, from clients about this approach. We hope you agree and look forward to having you as a client.