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Hello Donald,
Thank you for the care and the effort that you have put into this draft. Your skill, experience and acute business acumen shine through every paragraph.

Dr. R. (Food Service)

Thank you so much that clears up everything.  This is why I come to your office because of you and Tom.  Tom has been especially helpful with my brother and I over the past year and always responds to our questions and emails.  Just wanted to say thank you again to the both of you, it makes a difference when you have a reliable group of professionals on your side.

Thanks again,


Dear Ms. Perry-Meier, I wish to acknowledge the professionalism and calm you exhibited in the face of rude insults and provocation during today’s Mediation. I take responsibility for my failure to rein in the inflammatory rhetoric of Mr. Hedrick. During a formal Arbitration, such behavior would have cost Mr. Hedrick’s client some or all of her cause.

Regarding Ms. Clarke’s Bar matter, I am ready, willing and able to provide whatever assistance I may in helping Amie navigate the bureaucratic shoals. Ms. Clarke is a decent, hard-working and capable attorney. Likewise you. Our mutual profession is the better for attorneys such as you and Ms. Clarke. Do NOT allow the rudeness of others to make either of you bitter or “harsh”. Their behavior is their responsibility. Again, what I witnessed today was an eminently professional and competent Counsel refusing to be bullied. I wish you every success. If there is to be a healthy future in the profession of law, it rests with attorneys such as you and Amie.

R. J. S.

Thank you for the work you have done in creating these documents. It is always a pleasure dealing with this firm!

Thank you,

J. P

I recently hired the Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C. to resolve a partnership dispute. In our initial consultation, Mr. Hudspeth expertly walked us through our legal options. Once we determined litigation was necessary, we began working with Attorney Janae A. Perry-Meier.

Ms. Perry-Meier set out a clear timeline for our case, regularly provided updates, and explained the legal arguments and strategy in a way that my husband and I could understand. The steps she took directly coincided with our needs and goals. Ms. Perry-Meier negotiated a quick and favorable settlement.

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C. and Attorney Janae A. Perry-Meier.

I cannot say enough how I have valued the skill-set and efficiency of Janae Perry-Meier in assisting with a complicated lawsuit involving me and my former husband.

Janae single-handedly, with deliberate and intentional fortitude, initiated a buyout in a settlement to remove me from the case. She instinctively managed to keep the conflict with me, as being the innocent spouse with my former husband’s businesses, at a minimal, while keeping us both up-to-date on information that pertained to us individually. With the adversary consistently managing to lump me into a “deal gone bad”, Janae managed to keep tight control over portraying how the adversary was being unfair, with a professionalism that should be implemented by other law firms. There seemingly are unsettling situations involved, which in my opinion, has led to a slippery slope with negotiations, and quite frankly may be tied to an element of greed. However, I am thankful that Janae stayed focused with praiseworthy insight.

This case is ongoing, and no matter what the outcome, I will be forever grateful for the rigorous and determined efforts made by Janae. I have been very blessed to have her “gunning” for me during this incredibly exhausting process in protecting my rights.

I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Donald Hudspeth, especially Janae Perry-Meier.

To say that I am pleased that your firm does contracts is a great understatement. To have everything under one roof and with those already trusted and I am familiar with is most desirable in an already, spread out, busy busy world!

You have no idea how pleased I am to have found your law firm!  Gratefully…

Author/Publisher/Speaker, Arizona

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative; Service Category: Attorney; Year first hired: 1996 (hired more than once)

With Hudspeth, you have the extremely rare benefit of his legal mind, ethically grounded integrity, and creative thought learned as a successful businessman for over 15-years prior to his joining the bar.

His excellent theoretical education coupled with creative, practical business experience gives you, the client, a highly competitive edge in legal matters. If Don Hudspeth takes your case, you can rest assured that he has carefully analyzed the issues – and if he has the slightest twinge that your specific issue is even remotely outside his expertise – he will find and refer you to the very best attorney firm to handle your issues to a successful end. I simply cannot say enough good things about Mr. Don Hudspeth, a colleague, legal advisor, and philanthropic friend of the Southwestern legal community.

Businessman, Retired corporate executive in insurance, banking and mortgage lending for more than 30-years

“This is to acknowledge the thanks and appreciation for Mr. Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C, Thomas J. Gadd and the rest of the staff for helping me from the beginning to the end of my case. As Mr. Hudspeth glanced at my files and document in our first meeting, it was then when he told me how much my case is going to cost……and how long it will take….With Mr. Hudspeth’s intentions, advice and recommendations the cost was minimized. I received the check. You are the best! You predicted exactly what happened. Thank you very much Mr. Hudspeth. In any business matters that I may need in the future, I will only call Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth P.C., P.C. Yours truly” Canada Insurance Agency Owner Ontario

“An excellent response. Masterfully prepared. Thank you.” El Paso, Texas Real Estate Investor

“Amazing person and a highly skilled attorney not to mention an excellent speaker. When it comes to business I simply would not trust going into a situation without Mr. Hudspeth…” Used Car Dealership Owner

“I would like to thank you and Craig Broadbent for all your help on our recent legal matter. It was a very stressful time….. Your firm’s legal advice and expertise helped us get the best possible outcome considering the situation we were in. We have been in business for almost twenty years and you have been our attorney for most of them. We value your advice, expertise and honesty. You do not always tell us what to hear but you always tell us what we need to hear. I can honestly say that without your firm, I do not know if we would be in the position we are today. So from all three owners we thank you and your team.” Arizona/Nevada Security Company President

“I would gladly recommend your special matters division for small litigation cases. It kept me in the case until we could settle.” Landscaping Company Owner

“I will be referring all of my business matters your way. Have a great day!” Medical Laboratory Owner

“I made a really big mistake in not originally using Mr. Hudspeth.” New Jersey Paper Company President

“Don always listens; gives you options and lets you know what your exposure is.” Client on Lawyers.com, July 30, 2012

“I would recommend Mr. Hudspeth unequivocally. Not only is he an outstanding business attorney, he also provided me with access to a divorce attorney. Thanks to his skill, and resources available outside the Phoenix law family, I was successful in challenging a “family law” mediation that was particularly and grossly unfair.” Chandler, Arizona Private Individual

“Thank you very much! We’re all squared away…. Clearly you guys are as prompt as you are professional.” Queensland/Arizona/New Zealand Hardware Integrator & Software Manufacturer, Business Founder

“You’ve really got it ‘DOWN-PAT’ when it comes to Business Law.” Applications Company President/Inventor

“I have hired Donald Hudspeth at several occasions to provide legal services for my businesses. Mr. Hudspeth and his staff have always showed a deep and detailed knowledge of the subject. They were trustworthy, consistent and reliable and were punctual at each step of the process. Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity” International Investment Group, Owner/Manager

“Congratulations on your continued success. My personal testimony is that I went into business with the wrong partner. When I was trying to get out of it my partner was trying to keep me and my father on the hook. My girlfriend referred me to Lupe Jasso who she (girlfriend) had used in the past to set up her business. Lupe drew up the paperwork and my partner would not sign it–big mistake!! Lupe was not happy. She redrew the paperwork and forced it through and I have never heard a word since (from the partner)!!!! I refer you guys to anyone who has any legal issues (by the way I have Lupe’s phone number saved under “KICK ASS LUPE JASSO!”) She rocks and she GENUINELY cares about her clients P.S. Just wanted to tell you about my experience and give credit where it is due!!” Mesa, Arizona Business Owner

“Great Job! Yes, yes, yes! ….I think this is fantastic! We agree with everything you say, you are the expert and we will follow your lead. It’s perfect to us; we really appreciate your help with this. I will be down to your office early afternoon with a check for you. Thanks again, Don” Arizona Custom Carpentry Contractors

“Thank you for all of your hard work! The documents are excellent. I look forward to a long relationship with you and I will come to you with all future legal questions. I will also refer others to you if they are looking for an excellent attorney. I will stay in touch with you.” Craig P., Mesa

Thank you so much and I really enjoyed our conversation……….I learned many new things today. You are an honest, kind man who I think, genuinely wants to help small business owners like myself and my Husband. It’s really nice to feel that one can honestly trust that someone else truly cares about what happens to them. It’s a real comfort in today’s crazy, strange world. Thank you again for your kindness. Gloria B., Contractor in Phoenix

Fraudulent Wage Claim. “Donald W. Hudspeth firm did an absolutely wonderful job in terminating the problem.” National Power Project Support, Construction and Design Company, Assistant on Behalf of President

Division of Business and Business Assets in Divorce Decree. “Not only is Mr. Hudspeth an outstanding business attorney, he also provided me co-counsel with a divorce attorney. Thanks to his skill and resources [CPA, business and real estate appraisers] available outside the business law family, I was successful in challenging a “family law” mediation that was particularly, and grossly unfair. (I would) recommend Mr. Hudspeth’s services Unequivocally.” Northwestern Transportation Company, Petitioner & Client

National Labor Board Dispute. “Don, thank you very much for all the help with this case. It certainly ranks as one of our least enjoyable moments… (NLRB case). We appreciate all you have done to have this case dismissed. We could not have done this without you! thanks again.” AZ Fiber Optic Cable Installation Company, Owner & CEO

Partnership Dispute. “You have been nothing short of professional and your expertise is amazing.” AZ Salon and Spa, Partner

Non-Competition Dispute. “Thank you again Don. I am very happy with how you represented me in this ordeal. Cheers!” AZ Strategy and Design Firm, President

Business Start Up and Trademark. “THANKS FOR ALL THE LEGAL HELP SETTING UP MY COMPANY MUCH LOVE TO YOU GUYS AND TOM.” Online Skateboard and Snowboard Company, Owner

Contractor and Employment Contracts. “Thank you so much for your very quick response! You don’t know how much this means to us, thank you so very, very much. We are feeling better knowing we are receiving important information to help us maintain our business and protect ourselves and our company. The documents you sent are stellar and exactly what we were seeking. We will keep you apprised and thank you again, Don and Lupe, for working on our behalf and in our company’s best interest.” AZ Custom Millwork Company, Owner

Put/Call Offer Litigation. “The firm did a fantastic job of stating our side of the case and getting it in front of them. Basically everything you guys did was stellar.” Western States Grocery Supply Company, Seller of Member Interest